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When you lose it

It can be a lot of things. You may lose your keys, your friend, your temper. A long time ago I went to a minister for counseling and he gave me some great advice and a Bible principal for lost things.

This is the following unusal account in the Bible of a lost thing my pastor shared:

2 Kings 6:5-7 New Century Version (NCV)As one man was cutting down a tree, the head of his ax fell into the water. He yelled, “Oh, my master! I borrowed that ax!” Elisha asked, “Where did it fall?” The man showed him the place. Then Elisha cut down a stick and threw it into the water, and it made the iron head float.

My preacher friend used this analogy to help me find something very precious I lost.

"Where did you lose it?" he asked.

Before I could answer, he followed up by saying,

"Go back to where you last had it. Look there!"

He was talking about my marriage and the love for my husband I had lost. I found it! We have been married over 50 years. FYI if you are struggling in a relationship, I want you to know I had to look for a while before the relationship was restored, but I am so glad I did not give up.

I was remembering this principal yesterday when I thought I had lost a very important document. It was one of three (or so I remembered). I had a lot of paperwork and multiple projects going on. I was concerned it was filed in the wrong place. After I searched and asked for prayer, I went back to the original email regarding the document and discovered I only received 2 documents, not 3. Nothing was really lost. Now my peace was restored. I felt a little foolish when I let my prayer warriors know, but also happy and peace restored. One of the people who had prayed and helped me look was my husband. :)

So as in the Kings verse not only go back, take a friend or 2, take your prayer warriors. They may go physically or they may stay home and pray, but you can know for certain you are not alone in your search to find what was lost.

Jesus left the 99 and searched for the one. Every lost thing is important to Him if it's important to you. You are important to Him too. He wants to heal your broken heart and help you find the precious thing you lost whether it's your faith, a relationship or just a piece of paper.

Can't you just hear Jesus saying with joy to you, "Oh, there you are little Sheep!"

Shalom Sisters. Have a peaceful day!

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