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Even so come Lord, Jesus!

Some years back I read a really interesting book entitled "They Thought for Themselves" by Sid Roth. It was stories of Jewish believers in Messiah Yeshua, and how they came to saving faith even facing the persecution from their families. I met some folks like them when I attended a Messianic Synagog in Richmond VA. These believers were sold out for Christ even though it meant their families would reject them. Some were on their knees worshipping; some were dancing around the pews. Boy, that would excited me to see that in our normal protestant churches today! I am talking the kind of joyous undignified enthusiasm I see at a football game. David danced before the Lord. Many times we are just too comfortable. We handle our own faith that way. Just spoon-feed me the information because you have a degree or know the Bible better than me. We need to read it for ourselves and think for ourselves.

Before I go forward, I don't always do my own reading and research. Failure to study God's Word thoroughly can lead to a false belief and lack of true understanding. The Bible says "my people are destroyed for a lack of understanding" Hosea 4:6. I also need to pray before I read the Word. James 1:5-8 King James Version (KJV)If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him. But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering.

I am often inhibited when I see a new truth I never noticed before; and don't want to rock any boats. I sit silently even when I hear things I do not believe. It is interesting to me that Paul confronted Peter, who was the leader of his church about a wrong he was doing. See Gal. 2:11. We should be no different, so all of us can be set free by the living Word of God.

Churches today, especially in the western world, are teaching and doing a lot of wrong things. Some may seem harmless, but anything that leads to error should be addressed. Should babies be baptized? Should believers celebrate Halloween? Should Santa be a part of a Christian celebration? Now some churches are even performing same-sex marriages while they are silent on abortion. What happened to teaching abstinence? The YMCA (formerly the Young Men's Christian Association) promoted Pride month. The silent church needs to wake up and get clean from false teaching and from activities that are contrary to His Word.

I urge you, when something is taught, to search the scriptures and pray about whether or not it is right. But be careful to use an accurate Bible. There have been writers who have deleted or altered important passages and worse added information such as in the case of one Bible where the editor added headings based on his own belief, editorializing what the reader was about to read.

While many new Bible versions may enhance word meaning, it is a fallacy that the King James Bible is hard to read. It was written to a 5th grade reading level. The hard part is pronouncing the place and people names. The more poetic nature of King James actually makes it an easier read. It is like learning a beautiful song. In fact many passages are set to music. If it's difficult to read, then get an app that allows you to listen.

The church is suffering in many parts of the world today in places like North Korea, Africa, China, Russia, and the muslim nations. In the western world Christian youth are getting suspended from school for expressing their faith. Business owners are sued for standing up for marriage. Christian educators are losing their jobs if they won't go along with the woke program. I believe persecution has begun in the western world as well; and it will get worse. True believers need the Oil of the Holy Spirit to fight back with their full armor on. Ephesians 6:10-18.

Here are websites about the persecution so you can educate yourself.

Many people today are being martyred for the cause of Christ. Why should the western church be any different especially when it stood silent for so long on issues like prayer in school, abortion and same-sex marriage?

Final thought: If someone comes to you with a teaching, take it back to the Word. Does it line up? Was it shared in context? Read the whole selection and the other associated passages. The Bible is a witness to itself. That means you can find multiple places where the same information is shared. That is much easier to do today when we can use BibleGateway or Google to find all the places of the similar teaching. Look for the Bible as your final authority and witness for Truth.

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