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Poems by Joan

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Joan is a member of our WinG's ministry. She receives poems during her prayer times through the Holy Spirit's inspiration. Joan gives all credit to her Savior, Jesus Christ.

Here are a few she would like to share:


LORD YOU were looking out for me

Long before I could ever foresee

AND YOU were waiting patiently for me to turn to


You've touched my heart in such a special way

I can now only try to convey

THE true joy YOU'VE given me

FOR YOU'VE set my soul and spirit free


GOD sent His Son JESUS to die on the cross

So our lives on earth would not be a loss

Through Him we will find

True happiness and peace of mind

Trust in JESUS and don't delay

For we might never know another day

Now is the time to make that decision

For the LORD in His mercy has made a provision

So when our earthly lives come to an end

Our journey to Heaven will begin


Swept by love and deep emotion

I pray to you LORD in quiet devotion

Speak to my heart today I pray

Guide my path along my way

For You have grown me through difficult times

And You have shown me how to find peace of mind

Each new day which comes my way

Is a chance to stop and say

Thank You LORD for all you've done for me

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