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Made to Thrive

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

My heart is heavy as I learn of another war. I grew up seeing the orphans of Vietnam up close and personal. I also met the soldiers, saw the pictures of dead soldiers and civilians. We have instant access to the atrocities of Ukraine and now Israel is under attack live on TV. Homes of the innocent invaded in the early morning, murdered or taken hostage! How can a modern world be so uncivilized?

We know the Word says "There is no new thing under the sun," But that hardly brings comfort. We now live in a fallen world where evil is the preferred choice of many. Again, no comfort. Yet there is light and sometimes in the most unusual of places. Need some light? I saw a video clip of Messianic Jewish believers in Yeshua. They were crammed in a bomb shelter praising God and singing.

I watched a movie recentlyThe Insanity of God, a documentary narrated by Nik Ripken ( Nik was a missionary to Africa who later traveled to areas of great persecution and interviewed believers. The persecuted church is alive and thriving. We sang a song in church this morning.

We also sang one of my favorites: Days of Elijah! We are in those days. As the world gets darker our lights will shine brighter. We were made to thrive!

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.

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